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About Us

Small and successful, with a mission to do the best by our clients. At Trendsetter Travel & Cruise we take the time to know our clients, so that we can offer a tailored service to meet your travel needs.

Started in 1992 by Adrienne Witteman, Trendsetter Travel & Cruise have always worked off the belief that each travel experience counts. We have a passion for delivering high quality service with first-hand knowledge and expertise in travel.

Trendsetter Travel are committed to ongoing AFTA (Australian Federation of Travel Agents) ATAS accreditation and are proud members of:

  1. Magellan, a consortium of like-minded independent Australian agencies, whose primary focus is close client relationships,
  2. Virtuoso, the most prestigious luxury travel agency group worldwide with only 40 Australian members. This membership allows us to offer our clients exclusive and complimentary benefits – free upgrades and breakfasts, food and beverage credits, included shore excursions, access to the best experiences, and a host of other benefits that offer real value,
  3. Cruisco, which offers fabulous exclusive cruise deals.
  4. IAGTO, the global trade organisation of the golf tourism industry. IAGTO has over 2,250 member companies in 98 countries including 568 golf tour operators in 62 countries. Membership of IAGTO allows Trendsetter Travel to secure wholesale rates for both tee times and accommodation at most golf courses and golf resorts throughout the world – usually at significantly lower rates than individuals looking to book their own tee times or accommodation.

Trendsetter Travel can provide all our clientele, from budget to deluxe, with product to meet their travel dreams. Do scroll down to find out more about each of us – we would be delighted to assist you when next you travel.

Meet the Team


Adrienne WittemanNorthwood / Longueville

Truly a mixture, Managing Director Adrienne is New Zealand born of Dutch and Scottish parents, and has called Sydney home since 1984.

At 17, her parents wouldn’t let her buy a motorbike but would let her fly alone to Sydney and take the bus 1700kms to Mackay to visit friends! She still has a souvenir icecream wrapper in that first travel diary (Australia was very exotic way back then) and while the mode of travel has definitely changed, her desire to get out and see the world hasn’t. Having lived in Japan, this remains Adrienne’s favourite destination but everywhere else she’s been – including Mexico, South America, Bhutan, mainland USA, Hawaii, Canada, Alaska, Fiji, Tahiti, Africa including Morocco, continental Europe, Ireland, China, India and Asia generally – always hold a lot of promise. Especially if travelling with golf clubs! Send Adrienne an invitation and she’s there…

Adrienne is professionally qualified with a BA (Japanese) and an MBA (AGSM)


David CooperNorthwood/Longueville

David’s primary passion is for golf, a sport he has enjoyed since high school. As the Director of Marketing at Trendsetter, David’s current focus is combining small luxury cruise ship journeys with first class golf itineraries to create fabulous Golf Cruise tours. However, he is equally adept at arranging golf tours everywhere with previous highlight trips being to Ireland, Scotland, Arizona and New Zealand. David also has a penchant for Military History and his small group tours (maximum 7 people) to Europe and America are highly enjoyable, as evidenced by a strong repeat factor.

David is professionally qualified with a first class honours degree in Economics.


Tanja BurrowsNorthwood / Longueville

Maybe the fact Tanja was born in Papua New Guinea, consequently travelling to and from Australia, planted the seed for a life-long urge to travel, her first lengthy overseas sojourn spent in Scandinavia at a very young age. before travelling throughout Europe by car, finally heading home from the deep south of USA. A follow up student exchange, again in Scandinavia, saw that seed flourish into full bloom, before she enjoyed a six-year stint in London.

Back home she joined a travel company in Melbourne before taking up residence in Qld, managing a busy agency. During this time, overseas jaunts saw her visiting India, England, Ireland, Europe, Norway, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Hong Kong, Tahiti, Vanuatu, Guam, Mexico, Indonesia, New Zealand, Greece, Egypt and China.

Her travel knowledge is outstanding, accompanied by a depth of experience covering many shipping lines. This guarantees Tanja can offer advice and assistance on all facets of travel with confidence.


Andrea DavisNorthwood / Longueville

Andrea, of German and English parents, was born in England and migrated to Australia at a young age. This first trip was the inspiration for many to come and she has thus far enjoyed journeys to the USA, UK, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Fiji, Noumea, Mauritius and her favourite, continental Europe. Andrea took her first cruise in 2008 and thus hooked, has enjoyed several since using the experience to guide and influence her devoted clientele.. Given a travel background that includes time at both Qantas and United Airways, Andrea is well versed in airline and agency matters, and is widely regarded as our most patient consultant!


Judy LegrasNorthwood / Longueville

Judy started work in the travel industry in 1968. With a yearning to explore more for herself, she set off round the world in 1971, first cruising to Southampton via the USA and then travelling throughout the UK and Europe, to eventually finish off the trip with a stint working in Switzerland. While widely travelled, Judy’s most memorable and recent journeys have been tours to Morocco and South Africa. She enjoys all aspects of travel and is always seeking out new destinations but particularly likes coach touring, solace for a busy travel agent as you can sit back and let someone else do the driving – and thereby enjoy the sights and experiences of different countries in a most relaxing fashion! Having caught the cruising bug on her first trip, Judy has since cruised in Asia and the South Pacific but nowadays you’ll find her in semi-retirement, committed to her adorable grandson Oscar, her beloved knitting needles, and Trendsetter’s bookkeeping.

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